The Stuart Highlanders Pipe Band is an active competition band, successfully performing and competing at Scottish Highland games and festivals across eastern North America, Canada, and Scotland. The band fields competition groups across three grades of competition, each of which regularly sees success on the field.

Pipe band competition is a feature of Highland Games and festivals and pushes bands to play at their finest. Bands are judged on musicality, quality of sound, and overall ensemble effect. Bands are “graded” at differing levels of ability from grade 5, the “beginner” level, to grade 1, reserved for bands at the highest level of competition in the world.

Over the last few years, the Stuart Highlanders have competed at both the North American and the World Championships in grade 1 — the very highest level of band piping–, grade 2 and grade 4.


The Stuart Highlanders make regular appearances in parades and festivals across New England with a focus on Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

While in Scotland, The Stuart Highlanders have been one of the featured pipe bands performing during Piping Live!, Glasgow’s International Festival of Piping,  The Stuart Highlanders have regularly performed in concert and for special events, such as the Boston Marathon tribute at Fenway Park. In 2012, members of the the grade 4 and grade 2 bands traveled to Basel, Switzerland to perform in the prestigious Basel Military Tattoo.